Gmail on Your Domain

I’ve been accepted for Gmail on Your Domain, and would like to move my email over to Gmail. I don’t have anything in my email that I’m really concerned about having on Google’s servers, and they run a very good webmail program.

I’m looking for anyone who might use Gmail for your personal domain-based mail. If you do, IM/Skype me or post something in the comments.

Specifically, I need to be able to access my email on a laptop at work, desktop at home, and on the web when on the road. Does Gmail for your Domain work for you?

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Blog Reading

I’ve been doing some blog reading lately…one of my favorite one right now is by Robert Scoble at the Scobleizer. He was hired by Microsoft about 3 years ago to run a blog for them, giving a personal side to Microsoft. It also has turned into an avenue for Microsoft to gather comments from the public about various things that they’re doing.

I hate that I didn’t start reading him years ago, as he’s leaving Microsoft for a Podcasting company called He’s very smart about business and people, and a great blogger when it comes to putting his thoughts down on the keyboard as he has them, so there are new topics often.

I think anyone who works in a management division of a business should read what he writes…if for no other reason, just to be aware of how blogs can be used to promote the company. Continue reading “Blog Reading”

Evan Update — 4 months

Evan turned 4 months on June 25th, so I thought I’d update everyone on his progress:

At his 4 month checkup, he weighed in at 11 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 24 3/4 inches tall. Doctor said he was making good progress! He got 3 shots while at the doctors, and he did pretty well, considering the experience. He probably screamed more because he was being held down, rather than the actually receiving the shots.

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Jordan to run/buy the Bobcats?

An interesting article on by Ian Thomsen asks the question:  Is Bob Johnson looking at selling the Bobcats to Michael Jordan?  Thomsen points out that J&J had dinner together in a Washington, D.C. restaurant 3 weeks ago.  Now that Ed Tapscott has left the President position with the Bobcats, is Johnson looking to sell?

The article goes on to point to the fact that the Bobcats may have lost money last season,  and Johnson’s TV network C-SET was shut down after 1 year of failure.

My take:  Johnson’s not looking to sell.  The NBA’s first minority owner isn’t cashing out after 2 seasons.  This team is his new plaything, like the equestrian meet he hosts in Charlotte each year.  He and Jordan have been seen together many times before.  Jordan has been interested in working with a NBA team, and he was rumored to be very interested in buying the Hornets from George Shinn back in the ’90s when Shinn was looking to sell.

I hope Johnson isn’t looking to Jordan at President either, though.  He wasn’t successful as President of the Washington Wizards (where he was eventually fired), and I’m not sure that the city of Charlotte would be happy with Jordan as President.  The President position doesn’t need to be a big-name person…they need to be good at what they do.  Look at Isiah Thomas in New York…that team is being run into the ground, and most people point to Thomas for digging the hole.

Buy into the team, Michael, don’t take it over.

Charlotte Bobcats robbed by George Shinn again!

George Shinn brought professional sports to Charlotte in 1988, convincing the NBA to not only expand into Miami, Orlando, and Minnesota. After not getting what he wanted (a new uptown arena), Shinn threatened, then moved the team to New Orleans to begin the 2002-03 season. After several lackluster seasons attendance-wise, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Without a usable arena, Shinn found Oklahoma City and moved the team (temporarily) for the season. Attendance jumped this season, with Oklahoma City loving its first professional sport team (see a pattern?)Meanwhile, Bob Johnson (creator of BET) bought a new franchise in the NBA and brought the team to Charlotte. Charlotte built a new, state-of-the-art arena for the team, and the first 2 seasons have been building ones. Players from around the league have raved about the new arena.

Despite having the newest arena in the NBA, the league announced today that the next to-be-scheduled All-Star game in 2008 will be held in New Orleans. Continue reading “Charlotte Bobcats robbed by George Shinn again!”