Upgraded to 2.9.1

Just upgraded my WordPress install to 2.9.1.  For some reason, I can’t use the Auto-upgrade feature in WordPress in any of my 1and1.com hosted blogs, but it works fine on a blog I have also installed over at Dreamhost.com.  Not sure why, but I’ll figure it out eventually.

Ran into one issue while upgrading here, though.  Apparently when I first setup the blog here, I used SQL4 and not SQL5, which the updated version of WordPress requires.  There was no way for me to “switch” the version of the SQL database I was using “on the fly,” so I ended up creating a new database with SQL5, importing my SQL database from the old to the new database, then editing my wp-config.php file to change the database information for WordPress.  After doing that, I went to the Upgrade page and it saw the new database file, imported it properly, and my WordPress install was upgraded!

Thanks to “Mark” and this page, which gave me directions on importing my database file: http://www.tamba2.org.uk/wordpress/restore/

Eventually I’ll do some work on the template…change that default picture above, get some new colors.  Eventually…

Ordered a new Headset

I’m going to be doing more desktop videos with work in the coming year or so, and it looks like we may be adding Skype as well, so I saw this headset recently posted at the tech blogs and decided it was worth the $25 or so to

give it a shot.


The FREETalk Everyman headset is Skype Certified, meaning it meets Skype’s criteria for quality sound.  It connects via USB to the computer, but can also detach a standard headphone jack to connect to an MP3 player if you just want to listen to music.  I’m interested in seeing how well is works, and will report back.

Greenville Upstate Technology Conference

I’m getting ready to present two sessions at the Greenville Upstate Technology Conference today. I submitted to present 2 different sessions which I also presented at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Spring Technology Seminar. The first session is my favorite fun session “Cool Websites for Yourself and Your Students.”  I’ve posted the links at a wiki at http://timcooper.wikispaces.com/coolwebsites

I’m also presenting on one of my favorite software application that is on every classroom computer and home computer, Windows Movie Maker.  The session, “Windows Movie Maker, Flip Video Cameras, and You!” is even better than it was a couple years ago thanks to the ultra-inexpensive and very good quality Flip video cameras, which plug in via USB and act as a flash drive.  The wiki with the resources for that session is http://timcooper.wikispaces.com/moviemakerflip

Upcoming Reviews

I’ve had a great response to my post on the BDA Monitor and my issues with it.  Most of the traffic comes from the forums of Snapstream where I posted a link to my post. 

In light of this response, I’m going to try to post some product reviews over the next few months.  These products include:

SKYFI3 XM Radio and Car Kit

XM CommanderMT

ExactMats for 2008 Toyota Camry

and a few other things… let me know what you think, and what you’d like reviewed!