So You Have a Windows 7 Computer…

New computer desks
New computer desks – Manchester City Library, via Flickr

As schools are opening, many teachers are returning to new computers on their desks or in their classrooms.  Not only do these new computers have nice new monitors and clean keyboards, they are likely coming with Windows 7, which is very different in look and feel from older Windows XP computers.  For many, this may be the first time you’ve used Windows 7.

We replaced computers in two of our district’s schools over the summer, giving us roughly 50% of the teachers using Windows 7 while the other half are using Windows XP.  Talk about training trouble!

To start the year, I sent an email to all of my schools using Windows 7 and provided some links to some online tutorials around the changes in Windows 7.  Most users are OK after about an hour of so of using Windows 7, but you may find the tutorials useful for your colleagues and staff.

Some of you may be using Windows 7 for the first time, so I wanted to put together a couple of quick resources that might be useful to you.  The links below are specific to Windows 7 (not Office 2010, but I’ll get those together too!) and show you how to do some of the same things you have done in the past on Windows XP.

Straight from the source:
Direct from Microsoft, these tutorials combine videos with handouts to walk you through various things in Windows 7, including changing your desktop background and screen saver, sounds, adjusting text size, and much more. Lots of good resources here.
While this site is ad-supported, there are lots of video and text tutorials around the use of Windows 7.  I can’t vouch for all of the videos here, but the first few look pretty good.
More tutorials which have you click through various steps to learn about Windows 7.
Please note that, due to the corporate nature of our install of Windows, not all of the features of Windows 7 work as they would at home, but most everything should be identical.

Feel free to share a link to this page and help out your staff, fellow teachers, or even family members!