Kindle in the Classroom Handout

I’m walking out the door to do a Kindle training with teachers at one of my schools.  The school purchased about 25 Kindle Keyboard with Special Offers for try out with some Special Education students in small group situations.  I was asked to help train the teachers on using them, which has been interesting for me since I don’t have a Kindle myself.  I borrowed one for a week or so and played with it, and true to Amazon form, they are very easy devices to use.  I usually check out books from the public library (and sadly only read at bedtime, either to my kids or myself), so using a Kindle has been interesting for me.  I’ve had the apps on my various smartphones, but never really used them until now.

I did a quick one-page Kindle handout, which is linked here – Kindle Handout Week 1 Blank.  I only quickly proofread it, so if you see things that should be changed, let me know and I’ll credit you!  I’ll be going over the basics of the device today with the teachers, including signing in (we’re using generic email accounts for them to buy classroom books (and let them keep their own accounts separate), and will end the training with a couple of activities (browsing the store and buying the free Alice in Wonderland book.  We’ll look at the built-in dictionary and note functions as well.

Anyone else using Kindles in their schools, or personally?  Any suggestions on implementation?

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