My Thoughts on the $99 TouchPad Firesale

My TouchPad thoughts:

1. HP was just screwed back by all the people it screwed by overcharging for ink all these years, to the tune of $100 million (estimated losses on the TouchPad).  People are buying these things because they’re cheap, but somewhere deep in the back of their minds, they hated paying so much for their printer ink, and are getting back at HP by “cheating” them out of $200 to $400.  That thought certainly went through my mind as I bought 2, and traveled to 5 stores looking for them locally.

2. Amazon is in trouble with their supposedly-upcoming Android tablet.  After seeing the success of a $99 tablet (admittedly not an Android tablet, but less functional and with hundreds instead of tens of thousands of apps), when Apple does try to sell their tablet, a group of people will remember the $99 TouchPad and wonder why Amazon can’t sell their device for that same price.  I bought 2 TouchPads through Amazon, but they came from OnSale, not Amazon.  Some folks won’t make that connection and think they bought them directly from Amazon.  Semantics, yes, but will the consumer care when they see a ~$250 Amazon tablet on their home page?

Did you buy one?  Did you think “ink” as you bought it?

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