Kobe to Charlotte?

Michael Jordan has to be jumping up and down right now, since Kobe Bryant mentioned he wants to leave LA and play elsewhere. Rick Bonnell poses the question: Should Bobcats explore Kobe Bryant deal?

Should they?  I say yes.  Attendance needs a boost, and Kobe would certainly bring in fans.  Charlotte can afford him.  Biggest problem is that it would destroy the development of the young team that Bickerstaff was working on…Charlotte would certainly have to trade several good players, probably Gerald Wallace and their #8 draft pick.  I’d throw in Matt Carroll too, even though I like having him off the bench.  And if they act now, they can get Sean May for free!
Can get rid of Okafor, Felton, Brezec, or Morrison, but I could certainly see most anyone available for a Kobe trade.

I don’t see the trade happening, but it’s nice to hope!


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