Congratulations to Danny and Nichole!

It was a beautiful Spring day in Columbia on Saturday and the wedding festivities were beautiful.  Nichole was beautiful, Danny handsome, and the Best Man didn’t look half-bad either!

I choked through my toast, but got out the thoughts I wanted to convey.  I am so excited to have Nichole as a part of the family, both to enjoy her company and to keep Danny in line!

There were dozens of cameras around, so if you took pictures at the wedding, post them online and post a link in the comments.  I’ll bring that link to the main post page.  I’d imagine that Danny will add links to the page once they return from Hawaii.

From my Mother-in-Law Maureen Mitchell:

One thought on “Congratulations to Danny and Nichole!”

  1. Great wedding photos! You all look great… Tim, your Mom looks fantastic; just like I remember her. Your Dad looks great too. What a nice looking family. Congratulations to Danny..

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