Congratulations to Danny and Nichole!

It was a beautiful Spring day in Columbia on Saturday and the wedding festivities were beautiful.  Nichole was beautiful, Danny handsome, and the Best Man didn’t look half-bad either!

I choked through my toast, but got out the thoughts I wanted to convey.  I am so excited to have Nichole as a part of the family, both to enjoy her company and to keep Danny in line!

There were dozens of cameras around, so if you took pictures at the wedding, post them online and post a link in the comments.  I’ll bring that link to the main post page.  I’d imagine that Danny will add links to the page once they return from Hawaii.

From my Mother-in-Law Maureen Mitchell:

Shooting my first HD wedding

My brother is getting married next weekend, and I’m the Best Man. I’m also into videoing weddings and am going to record their wedding. Being on the alter and running a camera at the same time should be interesting…

Meanwhile, I decided that I’d try my hand at shooting in High Definition. I’ve acquired a few HD cameras, including this one from Amazon, the HDV-HC7. It’s brand-new and the update to the HC3 that I’ve used once or twice before. I love the picture from the HC3, so I figured I’d get a newer camera for the weekend. It’ll be a third camera. Since they’re all going to be static (no one moving the cameras around during the ceremony) I’m looking forward to the widescreen view of the cameras.

I’ve also picked up a Sony FX1 to use hand-held during the reception, and other times throughout the weekend. It’s gotten great reviews, except for low-lighting. I have two Sony VX2000’s and their low-light quality is very impressive. I’ve heard that the FX1 isn’t quite as good, but it should work for this wedding.