BDA TV Software issues and removal hint

I recently wanted to try out a new High-Definition tuner for my computer, and CompUSA had one on sale. The Hauppauge WinTV-HRV-950 was pretty new, but had some good reviews. Basically, all I wanted to do was see how it looked on a computer, and how many Over The Air (OTA) channels I could get.

Ended up installing it on my laptop and both of my desktops, and wasn’t too impressed. Software was very 1999-ish, and the picture quality seemed OK. Most importantly, I didn’t pick up any extra TV channels, so I was finished with it. It’ll be listed on eBay pretty soon.



Anyway, I uninstalled all of the Hauppauge software that was in the Add/Remove Programs section of my control panel. On each of my computers, I still had an item in my System Tray (down by the clock) that said BDA TV Monitor.

BDA TV Monitor
Did some Google searches for BDA TV Monitor, but didn’t find anything about removing it from my system tray, and others wondered the same thing.

Turns out there is a program on the CD-ROM that came with the HVR-950 which will get rid of the BDA TV Monitor application. Drop the yellow CD into your computer, navigate to your CD-ROM drive, and look for the file that says “hcwclear.exe”. Double-click on that, and select OK at the next screen. Once the black box disappears, restart your computer, and the BDA TV Monitor software will be gone from your system tray, as well as any other Hauppauge software that didn’t get installed.

// // Why don’t software and hardware manufacturers allow uninstalls for all of their software using the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel? Or at least copy that HCWCLEAR.EXE program to my computer and put it in the Programs section so I see it and try running it.

I don’t see myself recommending any Hauppauge hardware for quite a while…

1/3/07 EDIT: If you’re looking for the HCWCLEAR.EXE file, you can find it here: found the link here:

1/14/07 EDIT: Based on a recent post in the BeyondTV forums, where I linked to this hint, I just wanted to make it clear that this is only to remove the Hauppauge software and drivers, not any of the BeyondTV software. I thought it was clear in the original post, but if you’re like me and decided against the TV tuner addition to your computer, running the HWCLEAR.exe file will/should remove all traces of the Hauppauge software from your computer.

// //

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  1. Hello Tim.

    I also have this BDA TV Monitor icon on my Laptop.
    But I cant remember to have installed it, or any TV program at all. Maybe someone else did…?

    So I dont have the CD.

    Could You Zip down and email me the whole folder that this HCWCLEAR.EXE file is located in on your CD?
    I like to get rid of this program.

    Best regards

  2. thanks! That did the trick…I have the same feelings about the Hauppage stick. Unfortunately I had already returned the stick and the software, which crashed my system and gave me a blue screen- not good! Thanks for the link, that was very helpful.

  3. Glad it helped! Unfortunately, I’m just not impressed with the quality enough for it to be something I’d keep in my laptop bag, for those days I am sitting in an airport or somewhere with an hour or so to kill. I give it another year or so…

  4. Thanks alot, this was extremely helpful. I wasn’t impressed with the Hauppauge device either. I had already returned it before I noticed the BDA TV Monitor icon in the system tray, so the link you provided was great.

  5. Hi Tim,

    thanks for the tip on BDA TV removal. As I’m always reluctant to download exe’s from the Web, I try to dig further on the issue, with what I have at hand ๐Ÿ™‚

    I noticed a process called Emmon.exe, residing in Windows folder, whose icon is the same as the one in the tray, and started from the registry in this key:

    So, by cancelling above key with RegEdit, you get the sticky monitor out!


  6. I tried this file twice – ran the HCWclear.exe, waited for the command window to close (icon still in tray)- restarted – icon still there—it did nothing.
    The second time, I tried right clicking the icon and selecting Exit, and then ran the hcwclear.exe.

    The BDA icon in the tray is still ther and I found a lot of registry keys for BDA.
    Is there any way to get rid of this?
    I am running XP with SP2 and all updates, on a laptop.

  7. Tim,
    I have now tried what Eric said – there really were a load of registry keys for BDA TV!!!
    I deleted all these and the eemon.exe, and rebooted….
    That did it after all.
    I was concerned at removing the keys manually, because I wonder what else was installed that I don’t know about.
    (I hate unwanted files wasting space and slowing down boot up time.)
    However, because the hcwclear would not work, it seems there was no other way to remove this stuff.

    Thanks to you and to Eric! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I am happy to see poeple helping each other.

    I didn’t install Haupaugge or any othe software. This software apeared by itself, which worries me.

    I do own a an Airlink 101 video adapter – that for several reasons other than the adpater itself – I have had to re-install and NEVER saw the BDA TV Monitor Application as part of their software. I will ask them. (Owned it for over a year!)

    So it worries me that it installs itself without my knowledge and consent.

    There is a company that makes multimedia software and circuits here which looks legit. So this may not be a virus but may do spyware. Or someone else may have attached something bad to it. (Since it didn’t install from a legitimate manufacturer product)

    Another program also related to this one is – And who knows what else… Check if after removing the Startuo program this other one dissapeared (remember to mark for hidden files in XP’s Search function). (Remember that a program has a set of DLL’s and subprogram with life of their own). Removing the Startup program may leave the others behind.

    Since the program has access to the Internet, it may be dangerous.

    I will block it from accessing the Internet in Zone Alarm. A temporary measure.

    For the time being

    I will try to keep you posted on my findings.

    Good luck.

  9. Wow! thanks!

    I’m in Seoul Korea, I couldn’t find the solution to get rid of BDA Tv monitor Icon on my windows.

    Thank you

  10. I made the mistake of getting a Hauppauge WinTV-HRV-950 as well. Worked OK, but Media Player, Real Player and Winamp crashed every time I went into it. Uninstalling the software and hardware fixed the problem, so I had the choice of using their software or having my applications work right… some choice!

    Thanks and kudos for the tip on ridding myself of this BDA monitor in the system tray! Wish I had read your blog prior to purchase!

  11. Thanks Tim – I looked all over for the answer to this.. and I agree, the Hauppage WinTV-HVR 950 was a HUGE disappointment!! (I bought it to replace a TV Tuner I’ve had for 3 or so years which was malfunctioning – I’ve gone BACK to that one because it was BETTER than the Hauppage 950!!)

  12. Thanks Tim, I agree mate, that Hauppuage software was very naff and I won’t be recommending them anytime soon either. I couldn’t get any signal whatsoever even with a full on digital antenna plugged in. Not worth the hassle in my opinion, just keep your TV on your TV.

  13. Crabby,
    It’s a shame that it doesn’t work better than this…you’d think a computer could do just as good, or better, a job of pulling in Digital TV signals and putting it on your screen. Overall very disappointing.
    Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi Tim. I faced the same problem for the BDA TV Monitor. Sorry that can you tell me the step to destory the “black Icon”. I have download the HCWCLEAR.EXE file. The Dos command windows shows after I click HCWCLEAR.EXE. Is there any other method to remove it? A million of thanks!!

  15. Ken,
    Not really sure what you’re looking for in regards to the “black icon.” When I ran the HCWCLEAR.EXE program, then rebooted, it removed all trace of the icon that I showed in the above post. Try rebooting and see if that gets rid of it.
    If not, post again w/ what is happening.

  16. Hi, All;
    I am in the same boat as A. Quintana, in that the icon appeared out of nowhere.
    I first noticed it on my college course computer when programs suddenly started being sluggish or freezing. I have been transferring files between school and home and, last night, noticed it at home as well.
    It must have transported in one direction or the other.
    I had been on the CTV site recently, watching programs on broadband, and wonder if it might have loaded from there; maybe even from YouTube or MySpace Video sites?
    I don’t know whence it came but I wish it would go back! I have tried the hcwclear to no effect, and cannot change the registry due to college admin restrictions.
    If anyone has better luck, I’d be happy to hear of it!

  17. I don’t own an old-fashioned TV, as I have just been using computer TVs for the last ten years because of the enhanced recording capabilities and lower cost. I just have to say…I love Hauppauge! I bought one of their PCI TV/Radios way back in 1997.

    In 2000 I made the mistake of getting a usb AverTV. The avertv never had the audio and video synchronized and tech support was no help. No updated drivers were ever released.

    In 2001 I made the mistake of getting a usb ATI TV. I figured with the ATI at least I had a company I could count on, but they let me down huge…in most of my recordings the audio and video were not synchronized, though tv viewing was usually OK. They never released media center edition drivers even though media center came out way back in 2002(what good is a computer TV that can’t be used for a multimedia OS?)…in fact they have released no drivers since the original drivers I had and the tv will not run on vista either…

    In 2007 I went back to hauppauge with the above mentioned 950 usb hdtv and I’m ecstatic! The HDTV is incredible and the recordings are flawless, though being USB you can expect it to dominate your processor and memory (if you get one of their PCI cards it won’t use hardly any system resources except during recordings, as it just runs overlay on your video card). My only complaint would be that the RCA/SVideo input cable and remote control are sold separate for just under $20 shipped. These are required to run the XBOX, Satellite Tuner, Cable, and other video equipment through my laptop.

    But the reason I love hauppauge is that I’m still using that PCI card I bought back in 1997 and it works flawlessly. Hauppauge continually keeps the drivers up to date and the tv works great whether I boot in any version of windows, beos, or linux. I am sorry I learned the hard, slow way…

    I will never purchase another avermedia or ati product unless I see fixes for my usb hardware. I don’t care how old those products are, usb is not outmoded technology yet and there is no excuse for letting customers down like this. Basically I feel avermedia and ati scammed me into buying something that would be useless right away, especially ati.

    You could make an argument that the 1997 hauppauge pci bus mastering card is outmoded, but it never stopped hauppauge from providing me with drivers for each OS I wanted to run. And, the TV still runs well enough that I’ve never had a reason to look for another internal video device. I have run it in everything from a 486DX-120 to a cyrix 200 to an athlon 1600 to a 3ghz computer system, and everything from windows 95 to windows 98 to windows 2000 to windows xp to mandrake 6 to slackware 4 to knoppix 3.5 to the latest ubuntu with no notable change in video quality or system resource usage.

    Of course the reason I found this posting is because Windows Vista is complaining about my BDA Monitor and I’m looking for an update (BDA Monitor works fine, but Vista complains at each bootup that it isn’t certified for startup, or something ridiculous like that). I have no doubt, however, that hauppauge will be right on top of this as they’ve never let me down when I needed software or driver updates.

  18. Scatter,
    I could certainly see using the Hauppauge products if I were a college student or lived in a studio apartment. No need to duplicate the computer and TV in most cases…just buy a nice monitor and you’d be set.

    Thanks for posting your positive Hauppauge comments…glad to hear it works so well for you!

  19. Try the following to stop BDA TV MONITOR from loading at startup:-

    1> Install this freeware program called Xteq X-Setup.
    2> Run the program.
    3> Click on launch.
    4> Click on Wizards>System>Startup Wizard.
    5> Click next twice or until u reach the screen with the heading “These programs are always started when this computer is started.”
    6> Select emmon from the list & click on delete.

    I hope this helps those who do not want to play with the windows registry keys.

  20. Never used this program, but did some checking into it and it looks legit. Apparently it is now called X-Setup Pro and now they charge for the program ($29.90 for the download version). It’s available here:

    However, they also still have their free version (version 6.6) available here:

    Read about 1/2 way down and you’ll find the link.

    Anyone ever use X-Setup or X-Setup Pro? Post a comment!

  21. I tried whith hcwclear.exe solution, but it doesn’t work, after that i tried the Eric Poncet advice and it work, thankx everbody

  22. you can search for the emMON.exe file and delete as well–took me 2 months to finally conquer yesterday

  23. Thanks a lot for that. I had spent a long time deleting all references to WinTV and BDA (apart from random occurrences of that sequence in hex numbers, of course) from the Registry and yet the icon still persisted. Your solution really helped.

  24. Used a ATI-tv card in my first desktop with great success – just loved all the features. Picture was great, all the features worked. So when I got a new notebook I found the Hauppauge Win-TV HVR 950 and thought with all the advances in technology it would be just great. Ha – The first one would not work with Vista and after many hours on the phone with a tech, they replaced it for me. Yes I can watch tv and re-size the screen but forget about all the other features. The BDA monitor thing pops up as with all the previous writers, sometimes I allow it, sometimes I refuse – makes no difference in the tv performance. Is there a TV stick that will actually work in Vista home premium?

  25. Hope this will help someone:

    The registry key at:


    Runs the program HCWemMON.exe which is located in C:Windows folder. This is what displays the DBA TV monitor icon. Remove the registry entry and delete the exe file to get rid of it.

    Directory of C:WINDOWS

    Wed, 31-May-2006 11:24 AM 61,440 HCWemMON.exe
    1 File(s) 61,440 bytes

  26. Thanks, your solution worked!
    I am now done with Haupaugge. This is the second time I bought a Haupaugge product. Both times I ended up with a product that didn’t live up to my expectation then I would end up software that I had trouble removing.

  27. i am having problems with this issue as well, ran that exe clear and it did not work , monitor icon still in my startup tray hummmm says it can’t access win32 anyone else have this problem or know exact steps i can do to get rid of this thing also it is a spyware program my norton’s detected it and cannot remove or find it but says it is spyware and low risk. i just want it off any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
    thanks tina

  28. removed it from windows but very chancy fiddling in there, goodness knows what else they have hidden on our computers to spy on us!
    good luck everyone!

  29. Hi. Im currently using the HVR-950. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on the product. However, Im a college student stuck in a dorm, so I had to make do. Here are my queries regarding the BDA Monitor, but not with it’s removal.

    // My laptop is running on Vista

    1. Can I disable the BDA monitor if I still want to use the HVR-950 ? Does it impact software function or output image quality ?
    2. Windows Defender keeps blocking the BDA monitor at start up. How do I get it to be accepted by default, not needing manual authorisation every time I startup Vista ?
    3. Can someone please help me get the best quality output out of this lil stick ! All the video I get is of extremely poor quality.
    4. How do I configure the software to utilize my GPU card’s capabilities ?
    5. Lastly, what settings or options do I use to scan for digital/ analog channels ?

    I know this may not be the right forum, but any help my way will be greatly appreciated.


  30. I’m also plagued with the unwanted BDA TV Monitor Icon in the Notification Area of the Task Bar.

    I need a method that will work in Feb of 2008. Environment is Windows XP Prof with SP2 and all known updates; IE 6

    Any help will be appreciated. 1051 hrs Pac Coast 2/16/2008

  31. I got in the Haupaugge unit to review, along with a competing product from ADS Tech. I found I wasn’t too happy with the Haupaugge software, but the hardware performed better than the one from ADS Tech. Now, I’m using the Haupaugge tuner with the ADS Tech software. It seems a good combination. (No need to buy both to do the same- the ADS Tech software is downloadable from their web site.)

    Be well


  32. I guess it’s all in your expectation. I bought the Haupaugge 950 for 50 bucks and it does exactly what I expected it to. It provides me with an extra ASTC receiver for sporting events. During the NCAA basketball tournament it provides my wife with the means to watch another CBS channel when she’s recorded/watched everything she can on DirecTV. Definitely worth 50 bucks.

    I will try the ADS software though. Sounds like a good match.


  33. I found ou how to get rid of it completely

    go to C:WINDOWS

    and look for emMON then delete that file it will then be gone!

  34. Deleting the emMON.exe file from C:/Windows folder removed the icon from the system tray (and I assume deleted whatever program it was).

    The removal tool at the top of this message didn’t work for me either. I got DBA TV “bug” from a USB capture device under the name “Easy Cap”. It appeared soon after i installed the ULead imaging software included with the “Easy Cap” USB video device.

  35. I am running Windows Vista Home Basic on an Acer Notebook with an nVidia GeForce 6100 graphics display (17″). I have the Haupaugge 950 and to be honest, I like it.

    I live near Calgary Alberta and my Internet/Digital Phone/Cable provider is Shaw cable. I have all of the expected channels and I can watch DVD and VHS movies, which is the reason I purchased it in the first place since I needed a VHS to DVD converter.

    The only real complaint I’d say I have is when I view what I have recorded, the quality is slightly poor, and I see a snyc problem with the aduio and video when watching a DVD program. Annoying but not totally distracting. By the way, the VHS to DVD recording did not have this problem.

    My partner likes to watch all of the chick-flick daytime soaps and talk shows, so I set up the recorder to capture, A&E, History, Discovery, Spike, and OLN. Then I go sit with her and pretend to enjoy the things she’s watching. Later, when she is doing something else and has relinquesed me from my “Honey Do” tasks, I grab a Coors and kick back.

    Peace and Harmony

  36. Hi,

    I came across this page searching for the BDA monitor. I was just wondering what it was.

    I’m very happy with the 950. I don’t really like the excess graphics or whatever of fancy-looking programs. (I use Windows Vista, but I set the appearance to look like Windows 95.)

    Anyway, I’d like to know why people are so unsatisfied with the product. I’m only using it for cable, and it seems to work fine. Why is everyone so unsatisfied? When you answer, please indicate how computer-savvy you are because if you have problems but are a pro, I’d take it more seriously than if you are just a frustrated newb.


  37. “Anyone ever use X-Setup or X-Setup Pro? Post a comment!”

    I’ve used it for over 8 years and it’s probably the best program available to twek and change Windows.

    Albiet it use to be free but even now with the miniaml charge it is well worth it as there are many updated plugins that keep on coming.

    On the Hauppauge issue, they are pioneers in the MM card industry and have many fine products…Yes the 950 lacks luster but for someone who has a Lappy and wants TV it’ll work and there are not many competors who haven’t done better…even Plextor has tried…
    If it’s a desktop that wants an addition Hell just get a 1080 and all will be well even web surfing. I use the USB device for my Lappy and it makes fine DVD’s!…so the key word here is Laptop which i believe it was intentionally made for!

  38. I got a problem With the BDA TV monitor. It came from this installation Cd named Plus TV. I try that one thing up there. It still doesnt work.

  39. As stated in a previous post, I am running VISTA home basic. As such there is no file caled C:WINDOWSemMON.

    But I did go into REGIDIT and deleted the startup file HCWemMON.exe.

    Now I have no more warnings about BDA MOnitor being blocked.

  40. I am a contractor in IRAQ, as you can imagine I have rather cramped quarters and bought this in an effort to save TV space.

    I am running it on two machines Both Dells. One XP and the other VISTA. At my room I have a cable connection that requires a powered splitter since the TV signal has been split to the point it won’t work without the signal boost.

    Anyway both laptops worked fine for awhile. However lately the vista machine refuses to save the drivers once loaded. every time I run the dang thing I get the message that the 950 is not there then I have to uninstall the drivers and the application, reinstall them and everything is fine as long as I dont’ shut down my laptop. Once I do that it is all over back to square one. This is the ONLY thing that this happens with.

    it is NOT a virus because the vista machine has never been attached to a network. it is a stand alone machine only.

    any ideas? Hauppage is off my list of recommended platforms as a result of this.

  41. I unticked the emMON in startup in msconfig but when I rebooted I had a message which told me that msconfig would run again and I would have to change it back. Why?
    I went into windows and changed emMon.exe to emMon.bak. When I rebooted I got a message which said it could not perform a tray item …
    I rebooted again and everthing loaded up, except the BDA TV icon, with no complaints.
    I still have emMON in startup though.
    I downloaded the hcwclear software, but when I run it I get a number of choices, apparently degrees of program removal, and I don’t know which choice to make. Anyone know?
    In the meantime thge icon is gone from the tray.
    Thanks, Mark.

  42. I have the same icon in my tray. I did a search and found this link: I think XP add the software when you view HD programing, even online. I watch programs on the CBS website, some of which are HD. I downloaded a program that monitors all TSR, better then Microsoft’s. It has an icon in it’s toolbar, if you drag it to an active window, it highlights all the process’ that are connected with the program. The program is called Process Explorer. You can get it @ It’s freeware. It’s a good tool for trouble shooting problems.

  43. Hi there – what a civilised dialogue / forum !!

    I encountered the dreaded BDA TV Monitor a few days ago. I’m using a fresh XP Pro installation in a PC with no hardware add-ons, and basic internet software: Zone Alarm, AVG Free, Skype, a selection of malware detectors, Firefox and Google Chrome browers in addition to IE7. Little else installed other than a few old, tried and trusted programmes which have never previously given problems.

    The only action I can remember which might have led to this icon insinuating itself is accessing a live video stream from a recognised UK TV channel (probably BBC News 24). I also regularly use BBC iPlayer which is evolving all the time. When next re-booted the PC decided to install a new USB driver which appeared to have something to do with TV although as far as I can remember no new USB devices were connected – that was a bit strange – then the icon appeared, perhaps after a re-boot.

    I have just got around to sorting it out.

    After searching quite a few forums this was the first place I found any reference to the

    Microsoft “Broadcast Driver Architecture” – BDA !!

    Well done sailcaptain!

    This is the cause of dozens of entries in the registry if you search for “BDA” – apparently harmless in themsleves but typical MS bloat cluttering up the registry.

    I always keep a close eye on programmes and system tray applications which start on booting. So the first place to look:-

    Run “MSCONFIG” and check [Startup]. This lists emMON.exe with a registry key as its source. This can be un-ticked but it’ll go-away after the next step. If you make changes, ignore the dire warning that MSCONFIG gives next time you boot up, just tick the box “Don’t show this message . . .” If you want to, and know how to safely, you can also remove the registry key, but it’ll probably return. Best to remove it, if at all, after the next step:-

    Use [Start]->[Search]->[for Files and Folders] and enter “emMON” – not forgetting to tick [Advanced Options] and the three items [Search System Folders], [Search hidden files and folders] and [Search Subfolders] – thanks Microsoft for making those three essentials an easily forgotten option for the absent-minded!!

    This should bring up TWO entries:


    where “*****” = a hex string I can’t remember

    Delete both these files. If you want to you can now delete the registry key as well, but leaving it shouldn’t cause any problems.

    This solved my problem completely.

    Hope this is useful for those reluctant to download and mess about with extra software.

    Thanks to all those who’ve already done their bit on this one!

  44. The BDA Monitor application is not required to view TV. It is a helper application to resolve streaming issues that might occur after using standby or hibernate with Empia based TV tuners.

  45. I am not sure if this was the source, but a week ago I installed V-Stream PVR Plus on my Dell laptop. Windows XP. Only today the BDA TV Monitor icon appeared in the tray. Is it neccessary to delete this to speed up start up time or should I leave it alone? Curious as to why it only appeared today and not immeadiatly after intalling the V-Stream software.

  46. i don’t have a tv out card, i never got this program.
    but i got the bda tv monitor in the system tray?

    it is on this lenovo computer could they have added it some how? i’ve been told several times by my wireless to kill the other network before logging online with it. but i can’t see any other network open and it does not show in the networking monitor so if this bda tv thing is a connection like i read in one of the older posts then it is a bad bug and needs smashed.

    i believe i did have a program made by them on another computer it was called dvd+ not sure if it was them or not but i don’t have that on this computer.

  47. Got this BDA Just today came from installing drivers for a ezcap 2.0 Usb video audio capture.Well the drivers always mess up for this so i went to site for updated drivers this time.I usally just use my disc over and over.BDA TV monitor is what i get for a upgrade.What the heck ezcap you should be working for your customers not against them. So Does anyone know if this BDA thingy is harmful or Not.? Cause I sure would like to continue using my device.

  48. In my case the BDA TV monitor appeared after installing a french software from MicroApplication dedicated to save VHS tapes. I cannot tell if it was a part of the main software or associated to the pilot of the USB device which performs the capture. (The software of MicroApplication is almost impossible to use but I use the dongle with ShowbizDVD and it works !). I think editors should provide information about the components they install, their degree of danger, their real usefulness and how to remove them.

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