Another Bobcats season starts tonight

Charlotte Douglas Airport after
the team name was announced.

When my grandparents were alive and season ticket holders to the Charlotte NBA franchise, they would drive through the streets of Charlotte and see all sorts of Hornets sights…huge banner on the First Union building featuring the images of the leading Hornets players, everyone wearing purple and teal (although my wife would argue that the colors were ultimately the downfall of the team’s popularity), car flags and magnets. The Hornets were THE team in Charlotte.

Of course, this was before the Panthers, before Shinn slept with the Hornet dance team, before the NBA took a pretty serious drop in popularity.

The new team in town has been around for 3 years now, and begin another season tonight. I’ve lost track of Opening Nights I’ve been to…3 with the Bobcats, maybe 4 with the Hornets. They’re reporting that they “might” sell-out of tickets for tonight’s game…

The team is still building, and doesn’t have a strong base of fan support. Will Michael Jordan’s player personnel work make an impact? Will Bob Johnson break out some more money if the right player becomes available? Only time will tell…

I just hope I can take Evan to a playoff game in Charlotte someday and let him experience some of the many memories that I have. A packed house of screaming, yelling, towel-waving fans, a last-second shot that wins the game…

I still love this game.

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