Some closure at the Charlotte Coliseum

The new owners of the Charlotte Coliseum is selling all of the contents of the building in order to prepare for its implosion. They’re building a huge live/work/play development. They’ve got some pictures posted of things they’re selling.Hornets Attendance Banner

I can’t believe some of the things that have sat in that building for over a year. In 1988-89, the Hornets were the NBA champs in attendance. The banner celebrating that amazing achievement for an expansion team is available for sale now…not really sure what you’d do with a huge (probably 15 feet tall), but you could get it.

04-05 Bobcats BannerAnd the Inaugural Season banner is still there? I mean, wouldn’t the orange banner didn’t stick out among all the teal and purple?

I’ve love to get our seats from Section 227, Row 2, Seats 9 and 10. They’d be a great memento.

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  1. Tim, someone sent me your link.

    My guess is you CAN get the seats you want. We will be offering most seats in bulk but theres a good chance they will not all go that way. We have about 300 seats around the top of the coliseum which are freestanding (floor mounted) which we will auction by the piece (sections of 2 to 6).

    The rest are rear-mounted on long rails, usually 20 or more seats per rail. If you want to come dismantle your seats assuming they dont all go in bulk, you probably can for some reasonable price after the auction. Contact or (our sale managers) and they can advise you.

    Jeb Howell
    President, Auction Management Corp

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