A wonderful time to be an educator…a holiday catering to candy, dressing crazy, and scaring people! Love Halloween!

From Great Pumpkin…

Evan participated in his first road race Saturday…actually just the Fun Run in Rock Hill. He seemed to have a good time. Earned a medal and everything, while his dad sat on the side of the road and watched!  Click on the picture above to view some race photos, and our other photos available online.

Some closure at the Charlotte Coliseum

The new owners of the Charlotte Coliseum is selling all of the contents of the building in order to prepare for its implosion. They’re building a huge live/work/play development. They’ve got some pictures posted of things they’re selling.Hornets Attendance Banner

I can’t believe some of the things that have sat in that building for over a year. In 1988-89, the Hornets were the NBA champs in attendance. The banner celebrating that amazing achievement for an expansion team is available for sale now…not really sure what you’d do with a huge (probably 15 feet tall), but you could get it.

04-05 Bobcats BannerAnd the Inaugural Season banner is still there? I mean, wouldn’t the orange banner didn’t stick out among all the teal and purple?

I’ve love to get our seats from Section 227, Row 2, Seats 9 and 10. They’d be a great memento.

UMiami should be ashamed, and Larry Coker should be fired

Even if you don’t follow college football, you probably heard about the on-field fight on Saturday between the University of Miami and Florida International University. It was a major fight involving a majority of the players on both teams, including at least one injured player swinging their crutch as a weapon. One player swung his helmet as a club, others kicked players, others punched. It was a huge fight that required the state police to be called in, and then apparently even carried into the stands between fans.

I even heard on the Dan Patrick radio show that it was “Join a Team, Not a Gang” day at the stadium, where the Miami-Dade police brought in kids to watch the game and encourage them to go to college. What a great lesson for those 700 students!

Larry Coker should be fired. He was quoted as saying
“I do have a grip on this program. Don’t ever doubt that. Don’t ever doubt that.” He also said that you can’t control every player all the time.

Coker is right…you can’t control every player all the time, just like I can’t control every one of my students. But every one of my students know that when you break a rule you will be punished. Players at the University of Miami don’t get that same message from their coach. Continue reading “UMiami should be ashamed, and Larry Coker should be fired”