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I finally did it…I moved my email over to Gmail on your Domain. Now, it’s Google Apps for Your Domain, but still, I did it. Took overnight for my email to begin showing up in the familiar Gmail interface. I can still access my old emails on my old hosting server by using the old login information, but all my new email is available on the web or via POP.

Spam Filtering: In only 6 days, I have 141 messages in my Spam folder, and none has made it to my inbox. My old provider didn’t have any worthwhile Spam filtering. I almost miss the Spam offerings.
Speed — the Gmail interface is super-fast. Easy to use, intuitive, and quick. I am getting used to the threaded responses on emails with the same subjects (re:).
Universal location — my old email provider offered WebMail via Squirrelmail, but it was super-slow and painful to use, making me resort to using Thunderbird or Outlook for my email. That was fine, if I had my desktop or laptop. If not, I was up a creek. Now, I can access the webmail quickly and easily, and even on my cell phone!

Dislikes: No IMAP — when I access my email on Thunderbird or Outlook, I have to use POP mail, making me download everything. Oddly enough, my sent messages get downloaded as well…all my email (sent and received) is in the same folder. That’s taking some getting used to.
I’m looking forward to using the Calendar feature more with my wife…coordinating calendars should be a life-saver! I already use the Google Calendar for all sorts of things, so I’m moving over everything to my domain.

Well worth the time it took to move the MX records over. If anyone is interested, I’ll post my how-to steps online…post a comment and I’ll follow up.

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