Robert Scoble addresses Web Calendars

Robert Scoble (one of the top bloggers) is being forced to use Google Calendar at his new job at and doesn’t like it. As a former Microsoft employee, he’s used to Outlook, as is 95% of the world. He recently commented that he didn’t like GCal, and was asked to justify his issues with it.

I think he’s missing a few features in GMail, like Add to Calendar in the top right side of an email when GMail detects a date (doesn’t always work).

Google Calendar is something I’d love to see work…I need it to sync with Outlook and my PocketPC. Sync, not just a one-way copy. I want others who have permission to see my calendar to be able to add to my calendar (which can be done right now), and then have that synced with my PocketPC so I have my events offline as well (which can’t be done right now).

I’m among the many that those features and more will be added, and soon!