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I’ve been doing some blog reading lately…one of my favorite one right now is by Robert Scoble at the Scobleizer. He was hired by Microsoft about 3 years ago to run a blog for them, giving a personal side to Microsoft. It also has turned into an avenue for Microsoft to gather comments from the public about various things that they’re doing.

I hate that I didn’t start reading him years ago, as he’s leaving Microsoft for a Podcasting company called He’s very smart about business and people, and a great blogger when it comes to putting his thoughts down on the keyboard as he has them, so there are new topics often.

I think anyone who works in a management division of a business should read what he writes…if for no other reason, just to be aware of how blogs can be used to promote the company.

I see lots of uses for blogs in education…teacher/class blogs, school blogs, school district blogs, even blogs from the State Department folks. I’m hoping to start on in my class this school year.

A good business blog gets out information to people who want it, and as more information is published for people to read, people have more faith in the information and the source. Blogs make it easy to go back and read historical posts from the blogger, so a new visitor can catch up on the history of a situation quickly and easily.

Scoble has built his credibility over the years, as is evident by the amount of publicity that came out of his leaving Microsoft. He was even the top story on the BBC tech site when he announced he was leaving Microsoft. You can’t buy that kind of credibility, especially in today’s time when you can research almost anything online.

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